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Short Description
Deciduous wood

The pear tree is widespread throughout central and southern Europe as well as eastern Europe and Asia Minor, particularly in warmer regions.

Both wild and cultivated pear trees are classified as a rosaceous plant (Rosaceae), to which the checker, rowan and service tree also belong. The strong similarity between pear tree wood and lll wood often means that both are traded as "pear" or "swiss pear" wood.

The heart and sapwood are evenly coloured a yellow-white to reddish colour. The wood has an even structure and fine pore structure. It darkens when exposed to light. In some cases a darker, red-brownish to black-brown core occurs (false heartwood). Due to its tendency to split, pear wood is often steam-treated which increases its reddish colouring.

The wood of the pear tree, especially wild pear, is very valuable and is typically used for luxurious furniture and furnishings as well as wood for making musical instruments (woodwind instruments). Pear tree wood is also used in the manufacture of drawing and measuring equipment or for scientific instruments and machine parts.

Density 0.73 g/cm3

Pear tree wood is hard and heavy. It has good stability and hardness properties. Its fine pore structure lends itself to easy working. It is susceptible to cracking and warping, and must therefore be dried and stored with care. Pear tree wood has a low natural durability.

Pear tree wood can be worked with most tools and machinery, and is particularly good for drilling, milling or turning. When steam-treated it can be sliced. Its surface can be planed, sanded or polished and it can be glued, painted and stained.

Pear tree wood is available as round or sawn wood, and as veneer.

- high-quality furniture or interior furnishings
- Musical instruments: mechanical parts of pianos and harpsichords, for organ pipes, bagpipes and recorders
- Special wood for measuring instruments and drawing equipment.
- Carving

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