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Short Description
Deciduous wood

The maple tree grows in temperate zones in the northern hemisphere. More than 200 different species belong to the maple family (Aceraceae) of which the sycamore (Ácer platanoides L.) , field maple (Acer campestre L.) and Norway maple (Ácer platanoides L.) can be found naturally in Germany. Maple trees typically grow singly or in small groups in parks and gardens or along roads. Of the three, the sycamore tree is most commonly forested.

The heart and sapwood are almost identical, white to yellowish-white with a plain texture. It yellows relatively quickly.

Density 0.59 g/cm3

The sycamore is classified as medium-weight, hard, elastic and tough. It shrinks only lightly and is otherwise stable. Its low durability means that it is unsuitable for use outdoors.
The wood of the Norway maple is used for applications requiring particularly good rigidity due to its higher density (0,62 g/cm³)and better strength properties.

The surface of maple wood can be cleaned easily due to its fine pore structure. Compared to beech wood, maple is less susceptible to water penetration. It is therefore often used for tables in restaurants and pubs.

Maple is easy to work, and its surface can be polished, stained or painted.

Maple is available as round wood, sawn wood and as sliced or peeled veneer.

- Veneers
- parquet flooring
- Furniture, Interior furnishings
- Musical instruments

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