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Plum tree


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Plum tree

Short Description
Deciduous wood

The plum is a relatively small deciduous tree with a trunk diameter of less than 20 cm. Its origins are unclear but is has been cultivated over many hundreds of years and is probably the hybrid result of various cross-breeding. It is related to the cherry, blackthorn, peach, almond and apricot and is widespread throughout central and southern Europe and in Asia.

The relatively small sapwood is light yellow in colour. The heartwood is red-brown to violet and darkens to dark-brown with age. The surface patterning is striped or has a wavy grain.

Density 0.80 g/cm3

Hard, fine, tough, slight tendency to shrinkage

Generally easy to work, to polish and turn. Difficult to split. Low natural durability when exposed to moisture.

Plum is available as round or sawn timber and as veneer.

- Veneer, Intarsia
- Carving and turning
- Musical instruments
- Knife handles.

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