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White pine, Weymouth pine


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White pine, Weymouth pine

Short Description
Coniferous wood

The white pine (or Weymouth pine) was imported to Europe around the beginning of the 18th Century from North America. It was well-suited to forestry and as a result became quickly widespread. It is less widespread today and stocks are depleting due to a fungal infection that damages the wood and causes the tree to die. The white pine is a five-needled pine variant (the common pine is two-needled).

Sapwood and heartwood are less different than the common pine or larch. The sapwood is in comparison to the common pine less extensive. The heartwood is yellowish to reddish-brown in colour with light colour variations between the spring and summerwood.

Density 0.40 g/cm3

White pine is a very light coniferous wood with low strength. It is not well-suited for use in construction. After drying it is not subject to shrinkage and is stable. Its natural durability is poor.

It is very easy to work, simple to dry, simple to finish, but can appear blue when it becomes moist.

The white pine is available as round and sawn timber.

- Carving and sculpting
- Turning
- Toys
- Packaging
- Bee hives and frames
- Furring, for example as filling in lumberboard
- Wall panelling

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