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H 5021

PU-based coating system on birch plywood, yellowish


» Colourful and decorative materials
» Facade cladding and exterior usage

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PU-based coating system on birch plywood, yellowish

Short Description
Aliphatic PU-based coating system for wood surfaces (birch plywood)

With the flexible transparent or coloured PU-based coating it is possible to protect durably and steadily wood from environmental impacts and mechanical endurance stresses. This coating system is predominantly used on facades but can also be used on all untreated wooden surfaces.

The wooden surface has to be pre-treated with a glazed pigmented primer, protecting the surface against colour changes. Following colours are available: pine-yellow, mahogany-red, oak-brown, fir-green green-blue, white, goldyellown and 21 mix-colour combinations. (For this sample a yellowish (pine) primer was used).

After priming the transparent coating has to be applied. The final film thickness of the cured coating system is 1 mm.

Durable coating of substantial and multi-laminated wood e.g. facade panels, glued girders, balcony parapet walls, stairs, garden furniture, fence plants, wood in the horticulture, timber bridges, etc.

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