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German Society for Wood Research

"Deutsche Gesellschaft für Holzforschung (DGfH; German Society for Wood Research) is a non-profit-organisation. It is the joint research organisation of the German forest and wood industry. By its statutes, DGfH funds and co-ordinates pre-competitive science and research related to production, processing, finishing and utilisation of wood and wood-based materials and wood preservation. All results are widely published via print, internet and conferences. DGfH is financed by federal and state ministries, trade organisations, companies, and individuals. The DGfH does not have a research institute of its own, but co-operates with about 60 different scientific and research institutes. The DGfH runs more than 30 committees in which the developments in the different research areas, ranging from timber grading and drying to furniture production are discussed. Members in the committees are representatives from industry, agencies, research and education. Most committees deal with building related topics and are lead and dominated by members delegated from the industry. In these committee meetings, new ideas are generated, discussed and ranked in order to set a priority for the staff of the DGfH-office, which projects should be financed first. These committees also act as a platform for scientists and researchers to show their results to the industry in order to get a feedback on how to carry on. A very important grouping within DGfH is EGH (Entwicklungsgemeinschaft Holzbau) which combines German expertise in timber engineering and takes care of dissemination of research results in form of widely known brochures, workshops and conferences. The President of the DGfH, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Karl Moser, is the managing director of an innovative company (Merk Holzbau) in the wood construction sector in Germany.
Managing director of DGfH is Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Joachim Tebbe. He has been elected as chairman or member to various boards and advisory panels (e.g. AiF, DBU, DFV)". (Cited from Website)

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