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Fachverband Österreichische Holzindustrie

"The Association of the Austrian Wood Industries is the umbrella organisation of all industrial undertakings within the woodworking sector (except forestry). In total there are about 1.500 members representing the various branches. The most important branches are:

- the furniture industry
- the construction elements industry (windows, doors, parquet floorings, glued laminated timber, prefabricated housings, solid wood panels, etc)
- the particle and fibre board industry
- the sawmilling industry
- and the ski industry. [..]"
(cited from website)

Fachverband Österreichische Holzindustrie
Schwarzenbergplatz 4
A-1030 Wien

+43 (0)1-712 26 01
+43 (0)1-713 03 09


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