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» Acoustics panel
» MDF melamin resin coated
» Composite OSB panel with MDF-facing
» Thin-MDF
» MDF coloured black, varnished
» MDF fire-retardant
» MDF veneered
» MDF with aluminium foil facing
» MDF coloured black
» MDF coloured black, fire-retardant
» MDF coloured blue
» Coloured MDF, brown
» MDF panel, slotted on one side
» MDF coloured black, slotted on one side
» MDF coloured green
» MDF coloured orange
» MDF coloured red
» MDF/HDF coloured blue
» MDF/HDF coloured red
» MDF/HDF coloured yellow

» Furniture and joinery

Medium Density Fibreboard

MDF is made of very fine wood particles. Typically coniferous woods are used but deciduous woods are also suitable. Panels have different densities depending upon the kind of wood used. Panels made with coniferous woods are lighter in colour and weight than deciduous woods as less bonding agent is required.

MDF's primary advantage is its ease of processing and working. It can be formed, sawn, milled and drilled. The surface can be painted directly or foil-coated. MDF bleaches over time when exposed to UV-light. Untreated MDF is susceptible to fat and dirt blemishing.

MDF panels are available in a wide variety of thicknesses from 8 to 40 mm and densities from 0.60 to 0.85 g/cm3. Recently MDF panels have become available in a variety of colourings.

According to the European Panel Federation in 2003 more than 11 million m3 MDF were produced in Europe. MDF is used primarily for the production of laminated flooring.

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