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Fire safety

» Cement-bonded wood particle board
» Cement-bonded wood particle board
» Beech pywood, fire-retardant
» Plywood, fire retardant
» Cement-bonded wood particle board A2
» Cement-bonded wood particle board B1
» Flame resistant chipboard
» Mineral material board, non-combustible, veneered or laminated
» HDF panel B1
» Flame resistant laminboard with balsa core
» Spruce plywood with HDF deck, fire retardant
» MDF fire-retardant
» Flame-resistant plywood
» Wood-gypsum board
» MDF coloured black, fire-retardant

» Cement-bonded particle board

Fire safety is of particular importance in public buildings and vehicle coachwork. An increasingly wider range of specialist products have become available to cater for particular fire safety requirements.

In cement or plaster-bonded composite wood chipboards it is the non-flammable binding agent that lends the panel fire resistant properties. Other products with a higher wood-content typically employ appropriate additives (e.g. special salts) to render the material fire-resistant.

In shipbuilding and automotive coachwork, it is the light weight of composite wood materials in comparison to metal that is often a decisive factor for their use. In addition the working properties and finishing possibilities are often advantageous.

At present, the DIN 4102 in Germany (ÖNorm 3800 in Austria) govern the fire safety classifications of composite wood materials in building. In future such classifications will be detailed in the Europe-wide regulations DIN EN 13501-1 (Fire Behaviour) and DIN EN 13501-2 (Fire Resistance).

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