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» Acoustic panel
» Acoustics panel
» Plywood with a core of plastic matting
» Beech plywood with foil centre
» Acoustic panel
» Acoustic panel
» Plywood with cork central layer
» Acoustic panel, MDF veneered

» Perforated or embossed panels
» Sandwich panels

In the field of acoustics (composite) wood materials offer a series of solutions for a variety of different tasks.

In the field of motor manufacturing and coachwork, various composite materials employing a combination of materials with different densities can be used to absorb road noise.

For room acoustics, materials with a porous or baffled surface or materials with hollow cavities are typically used to absorb and dissipate sound waves rather than reflecting them as echos into the room. In most cases an acoustic panelling material is used in combination with an appropriate bearing construction. In some cases, acoustic elements are also used as covering for air conditioning or for loudspeaker systems.

The manufacturers typically manufacture panels according to the client's particular specification and a variety of surface and perforation patterns are available.

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